Installing viigii on Shopify

The following installation guide provides an overview of how to install the viigii for Shopify app. If you've already created a viigii account and installed the app on your Shopify store, please view the following tutorial:

Installing the app from Shopify App Store

Login to your Shopify dashboard and install the app of viigii through the Shopify App Store.

Theme Support

This app supports most of the Shopify themes. However, you'll need to disable Ajax if it's integrated with your cart. To check if your cart is using Ajax, navigate to where you customize your theme and in the Cart page section, set the Cart type to Page.

How do customers use the eGifting button?

The eGifting button will be visible on the shopping cart page in the retailer's shop.

  • Click "Send as an eGift now" button.
  • Simply fill out the recipient form.
  • Check out.
  • Completion of the eGifting process will ​take place in an email​ on their own time.

Are you a subscription company? Can you use viigii?

We are proud to announce viigii integrates seamlessly with both Recharge and Bold. Have your customers purchased gifts scheduled for monthly delivery? Offering the eGifting option at checkout can assist with immediate notification before the gift arrives. Never missing the special occasion.


To remove the viigii app from your store, navigate to your Shopify admin dashboard and follow these steps:

  • Click Apps, locate viigii (under the Installed Apps section), and click the garbage icon to remove the viigii app.
  • To completely remove the app you may want to remove the viigii template file from the snippets folder. Go to Themes, click the Actions icon beside Customize, and select Edit code. Search for viigii.liquid file in the Snippets folder, open the file, and click the garbage icon to delete it.


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