Increase your revenue.

Capture revenue in new ways while offering customers the immediacy they crave in today’s digital age.

Turn any purchase from your website into a fun, thoughtful, and interactive gift-giving experience.

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What are some benefits?
Reduce cart abandonment on your site

Reduce cart abandonment

Keep customers on your site by offering flexible delivery options.

Build customer loyalty by reducing common shopping frustrations. Costly shipping is the leading cause of cart abandonment. viigii’s digital delivery eliminates the need for expedited shipping, giving customers a greater incentive to follow through with their purchases.

Provide a memorable experience

Give customers an occasion to remember.

Through viigii’s interactive animations and personalized messaging, offer a fun and spontaneous experience for both the gift-giver and recipient.

Give your users a memorable experience
Give your users a memorable experience

Increase brand exposure

Promote your brand in a new way.

With viigii’s premium features, choose the design and colors of the virtual gift box in viigii’s animated preview.