Virtual gifting delivery

A gifting surprise before the package arrives

Turn any purchase from your website into a fun, thoughtful, and interactive gift-giving experience.

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Why use viigii?
Excitement of gifting

Bring the excitement of real-life gifting into the digital age

The viigii experience gives that special person a virtual preview of their gift while it’s still in the mail. They’ll enjoy a sneak peek on their special day as they reveal their gift. And with the real package on its way, the best is still to come!

Flexible gift delivery times

Offer more choice

Gift-givers can choose the exact date and time of their viigii gift preview. And with immediate digital delivery, they’ll give that special person a fun experience no matter when the package arrives.

How does viigii work?

Alexa wants to send Sam a special gift with viigii.

Convenient checkout option
Select viigii at checkout

When buying a gift from an online retailer, Alexa selects the viigii option on the final checkout page.

Email & text message notifications
Send a notification

Alexa enters Sam’s email or phone number to send him the viigii notification.

Click to preview the gift
Preview the gift

Sam clicks the notification to reveal the sneak peek of his upcoming gift.

Receive the gift in the mail
Receive the gift in the mail

Sam’s real gift arrives in the mail. Note: The actual gift will arrive directly from the retailer according to the shipping option chosen at checkout.